Male Stripper Sydney

No doubt as you begin to plan your upcoming hens party, whether in Sydney or elsewhere in Australia, you will be blown away by the number of companies out there more than happy to book a stripper for you. The majority of the time, the bride to be is very excited for her hens party but she is constantly nervous about the “surprise” you may have in store for her - i.e. a male stripper. The majority of parties we attend, the bride has specifically said “NO STRIPPERS!”

In the name of fun, a number of organizers will still book a male stripper despite the bride’s request and this is where it pays to shop around. The majority of companies have no direct relationship with their male strippers and will simply take your booking and send the first guy that accepts the job. The issue with this is that it could be that male stripper’s first ever job, he may be using this job to meet girls and there is little communication between the agency and the male stripper so if you give bad feedback of the male stripper, the agency doesn’t really care and neither does the male stripper.

A big issue we see with male strippers is that they make the performance all about them, rather than putting on a performance for the entire party. This is seen in things such as putting whipped cream on themselves and having guests lick it off or covering themselves in oil and then ruining the bride’s new dress by grinding on her. 

As a peace of mind when booking with Men On Fire, we have a strict no cream and oil policy, all our performers are regular male strippers in our exclusive team who put on an actual show for the guests and most importantly they are all very professional and not sleazy. We have performer many times for a tame party that specifically didn’t want a male stripper and have given us amazing responses as they are surprised by the acrobatics, gymnastics and choreography that has gone into the performance.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us any specific requests, such as no touching or outfits that you prefer. We are more than happy to look after any and all requests at no extra charge to make the night perfect.