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COVID-19 Booking Terms & Conditions

When booking in this crazy time, we want to ensure you are fully aware of all terms and conditions surrounding your event.

We strongly suggest you only book your party when you are confident it can go ahead and your bride is confident in her wedding date proceeding, or is happy to have her hens regardless of wedding date. If you are expecting guests from interstate, overseas or a large group, we recommend waiting until closer to the date to book. We do understand this may be a trade-off with losing your preferred time slot, however we don’t want to see you lose your deposit as the organiser.

Payments & Refunds

No party is confirmed in any way until a deposit has been received by Men On Fire. The following outlines the terms where a refund is and is not available to you for deposits and final payments.

Situation Where A Refund Is Available

-Your Party was booked for 20 guests and on the date of your party only 10 guests (or any number less than booked for originally) are permitted by a newly imposed Government restriction.

Note this is only applicable up to 3 days prior to your event. A restriction change the night before your party is entirely out of our control and your full payment would not be available for refund.

Note if booking a Mobile Cocktail Class, your amount paid for ingredients ($250-$375) is not refundable as it contains perishable items.

Situations Where Your Deposit/Payment Is Forfeited

The party can go ahead as originally booked, however;

-The bride has decided to change her wedding date

-Some guests are not able to attend as they are interstate/overseas 

-You booked for 10 guests under the corresponding restrictions at time of booking however you now have too many guests RSVP to proceed under current restrictions

-Your Airbnb/hotel has cancelled on you

Please note your payments/deposits are either refunded or forfeited under the above situations, we are not able to offer credits or transfers under any circumstances as your payments are used to secure and prepare everything for your party (e.g. cocktail ingredients, art materials, venue hire, etc.)