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Fire Truck Kids Parties

There will be no wiping the smile off of your kiddo's face as they see a genuine Fire Truck pull up on their birthday! Experience the excitement of a real Fire Truck as we bring you the most memorable birthday experience for your children.






Duration 1 hour 2 hours
Pick Up School/House House
Drop Off  House/Venue House
Maximum Guests 7 (Including Adults) 28
Rides 1 (~40 mins) Up to 4
Sydney Metro Region
Professional Driver
Working Lights & Siren
Firefighter Missions
Working With Children Checks
Fireman Show Bags
Birthday Boy/Girl Fireman Uniform
Additional Party Host
Games & Activities
Price $799 $1299
Deposit $300 $400
Remainder 2 Weeks Prior 2 Weeks Prior
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Kids Birthday Surprise Package

This package is all about making your child's dream come true as they join the Fire Brigade! It all begins with a genuine Fire Truck arriving to surprise the birthday boy or girl. This can be anywhere that works best for your birthday plans; be the envy of their classmates being picked up from school or give them a big surprise as they see the Fire Engine pull up in your driveway. 

The Fireman driving the truck will jump out and surprise the birthday boy, wishing them a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY and then telling them that they are on a special firefighting mission and need a new recruit to help them! Lucky enough, we have a spare fireman uniform waiting in the Fire Truck so they really become a true part of the team. As the birthday boy jumps on board, he will be briefed about the mission that is ahead...

When you book the party, we simply need the pick up and drop off address. From this, we will put together an itinerary of missions that we need to complete between the two locations. With a real map in hand, the birthday boy will be the real navigator of the Fire Truck as it embarks on a life saving mission.

With up to 8 guests on board, the birthday boy can bring up to 7 friends or family members. The total duration is one hour, allowing 10 minutes at the beginning and another 10 minutes at the end for photos and excitement, so aim for the pick up and drop off to be no more than 30-40 minutes apart.The experience is fun for all ages, so don't be too surprised when everyone wants to come on board!

Kids Birthday Party Package

This package is all about bringing the party to all the birthday boy's friends & family! In this package, the Fire Engine comes to your house with a professional Fireman Driver and also an additional Firefighter Assistant. The Fire Truck will park outside the house, in the driveway or wherever is the safest location to accommodate the playing, boarding & disembarking the vehicle. 

With room for up to 8 passengers, groups of the children will jump on board for a ride in a genuine Fire Truck around the local area. Depending on the party guest numbers & also the adults that wish to come and supervise (or just for fun!) we can tailor the duration and number of rides in the 2 hour period.

While some of the kids are off enjoying a ride, the additional Firefighter Assistant will remain at the house to host a number of firefighting games and challenges with everyone still at the house to make sure EVERYONE is smiling and having an absolutely magic time. 

About The Fire Truck

This is the real deal! As a genuine Fire Engine that has been received to us after a tour of duty with the Queensland Fire Brigade, you can rest assured this is no fake fire truck. With working lights, sirens, hoses, pumps & interior, you can guarantee your kiddo will be thinking they are a real firefighter. The only modifications that have been made are to make the vehicle even safer & more comfortable for your peace of mind, such as additional seat belts & an air conditioning system.