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Bride To Be Balloons

Bride To Be Balloons

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BEST decoration to add to your hens party hotel room, function room or party cruise! These gorgeous ROSE GOLD giant inflatable balloons create a stand out space above a lolly buffet or photo booth. They can be used for both perfect for the hens party and the bridal shower. Fill the hotel room with them, bring them along to the dinner venue or even take them along to decorate your hens party cruise boat!

Each rose gold letter is 40cm high and made of high quality foil. Simply pierce the balloon valve with a straw and then use the straw to blow them up. The valve self closes when pinched shut. When purchasing as a bundle, these gorgeous balloons cost far less than buying individual letters from a party store and makes your life much easier! 

Also make sure that when decorating your hotel room or party space, be sure to maximise your value from you own topless waiter! Ask him to put up the balloons, streamers and any other difficult tasks you really shouldn’t have to worry about doing on your own. He’s there at your service!

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