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Frequently Asked Questions

How does booking work?

A deposit is required upon booking, then we don't need anything else until 14 days prior. Your final payment is based on your attending guest numbers, so no stress if you thought 25 were coming and only 15 RSVP!

Are deposits refundable?

We do book out and your party requires special order equipment and/or ingredients that we order upon receiving your deposit. Due to this, it is very important to note your deposit is not refundable under any circumstance as the deposit begins the process of organising the requirements for your event.

Please be sure you are booking the correct package, date and location for your event. 

What Is The 'Signature Fireman Surprise'?

This is our Men On Fire signature. Your Bride said NO STRIPPERS so you booked a Life Drawing or Cocktail Class, but you still want a bit of fun! So we knock on the door dressed as a fully uniformed Firefighter to surprise her which gets the PERFECT reaction, but then we break it to her we aren't actually a stripper!

Are You Guys Strippers?

Definitely not! Our entire motto is 'Parties For The Bride Who Hates Strippers!"

If you are opting for a Firefighter Themed Package, the team dress as a Firefighter to break the ice and give it a fun hens vibe but in no way dance, strip or do any classic 'strippery' things! We just like to give the Bride a little surprise ;)

Can We Choose Our Fireman?   

We don't offer a guarantee of a specific Fireman, but you can rest assured from our reviews and Instagram that you won't be disappointed!

What Is The Fireman Experience? (Cocktail Class)

This upgrade makes your Cocktail Class a real hens party. We start with the Signature Fireman Surprise, break it to your Bride we aren't strippers and we are actually there to get everyone shaking cocktails! We then host the cocktail class in our Firefighter uniform TOPLESS! 

What about the Classic Experience? (Cocktail Class)

This package keeps your cocktail class a truly classic experience. Your mixologist arrives in smart attire and remains fully clothed throughout the package. It is still a super fun experience as all our team are very entertaining & charismatic to make your cocktail class a real experience, but there is no topless mixologist with this package.

In your NSW Cocktail Classes, do you provide everything?

YES! We provide the alcohol, mixers, garnishes, fresh ingredients & ice for the cocktails and then also all of the equipment such as shakers, glassware, and utensils + hens games.

In your VIC, QLD, TAS, SA & WA Cocktail Classes, do you provide everything?

YES! The only slight difference is we have the alcohol delivered to you prior to the party (3-7 days prior) for you to bring along for your mixologist.

Does our booking time include set up and pack up?

It sure does. Our time booked for your event, for example 2-4pm, should see us at your location for that exact duration. Our packages are all streamlined to be extremely fast & efficient set up & pack up as this allows you to easily plan other activities around our allocated booking time.

Do you have minimum guest requirements?

We don't have a minimum number that must attend, however we do have minimum cost requirements that generally align with 10-15 guests based on your date, time, package & location. Get in touch for more info!

What if I have a bigger group? 20-50 guests?

For larger groups, we allocate more time & resources to your party. For example a cocktail class with 25 guests would allow 2.5 hours.

Does the Life Drawing Model go fully nude?

He does! BUT! Just for 1-2 minutes at the very end. 90 minutes of full nudity is no fun for anyone and especially not for Nan. We make it a real party and build up to the final drawing by removing a layer of clothing each drawing. This also means if you don't want any nudity, we can absolutely accommodate and it won't take any fun whatsoever from the experience, unlike other Life Drawing experiences.

Our Bride is quite reserved? Our Bride is absolutely wild?

One of our real points of difference is that our team are incredible at tailoring the experience to suit your party/bride and are very in tune with reading the room.

If your Bride is more reserved, we will make sure she feels very comfortable and doesn't do anything she isn't happy with. If you Bride is totally keen for a wild experience, we can tailor the experience for that too by livening up the package!

Do you guys supply Hens Games?

With our Life Drawing, we have fun games throughout and will also play a 'Bride Memory Game' where all of the guests write their favourite or most embarrassing memory with the Bride.

With our Cocktail Classes, we also play the Memory Game and for a fun laugh we play a Play Doh Sculpting Competition - you can choose the object you wish to sculpt...but we generally opt for a Penis! ;)

*Note the above games are flexible and time dependent. If you have particular games you wish to play please don't hesitate to let us know so we can run them for you and also keep in mind we do bring along these games to our events, however sometimes time (or vibe!) permitting it may not be possible to run them.

Will our Fireman/Mixologist/Host be in touch directly?

We will always confirm your party via text 3+ days prior to your event. Then your Fireman/Mixologist/Host will be in touch on the day of your event as they are arriving. 

When booking the Venue Hens Package, Venue Cocktail Class or Venue Life Drawing, can we access the room early?

We will always try to accommodate you dropping some items off or popping up a few decorations before everyone arrives, however we can't always guarantee this. We can let you know a few days prior once the schedule for the venue that day is finalised and we will always do our best!

 In the Barangaroo Sydney CBD Venue Hens Package and Cocktail Class, can the cocktail class be run by a Fireman or Topless Mixologist?

This venue is our premium Cocktail Making Class run by one of Sydney's best cocktail mixologists. Unfortunately as our venue is open to the public, we cannot have our mixologist dress in Firefighter and/or Topless Attire. This is a classic cocktail making experience in our premium Barangaroo venue. If you prefer this style, we suggest booking the Hens Package as you will have Firemen with your Life Drawing part of the package.