Life Drawing Hens Party Perth - Men On Fire


Life Drawing Hens Party Perth

Draw a FIREFIGHTER for your Perth Hens Party!

Forget boring Life Drawing Hens Parties in Perth...surprise your Bride with a FIREFIGHTER!

*Knock Knock* 
Is that the Fire Alarm...
"Don't worry I'm not a stripper... I'm here for LIFE DRAWING!"
We come to you, bring all the art materials and make your Bride laugh & smile non stop!


 Package Fireman Life Drawing
Occassion Hens Party

Your House/Hotel/Airbnb

Model/Host Super fun & handsome FIREMAN!
Duration 90 mins

Men On Fire Difference

A coordinated arrival to make your bride think you booked a stripper!

JUST enough nudity! A layer of uniform is removed each drawing until only the final drawing is nude

Art Materials Professional art diaries and pencils - SUPER easy to set up, use anywhere and no mess!
Additional Inclusions Hens Games & Epic Photos
Per Person $59pp 
Ready To Party?
Minimum Cost/Guest Numbers

Varies with date, time & location. Get in touch to confirm.

Outside Perth CBD? 

Let us know and we can advise travel costs


Remainder Due 2 Weeks Prior
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Why Book Fireman Life Drawing?
"I had a lot of comments of how the fireman drawing was the best thing they have ever done at a hens! It is such a fun and unique activity which is why I knew I had to book it again." Tiffany 
Hens Party Life Drawing Perth
Life Drawing Hens Perth
Perth Life Drawing Hens
Life Drawing Perth Hens

Planning a Life Drawing Hens in Perth?

When you reserve a standard Life Drawing Hens class at an art studio, you might find yourself in a room reminiscent of your school art class, with a naked man simply standing there... wasn't this supposed to be a party? And who wants a whole 90 minutes of that?!

Men on Fire, however, offer a unique twist when you book your Life Drawing Hens with us. You're in for a show with your Fireman, as he gradually removes a piece of gear with each drawing. This isn't just a class; it's an outright PARTY!

What is unique about Fireman Life Drawing?

This life drawing is designed specifically for Hens Parties in Perth. We bring everything you need, surprise your Bride with a firefigher and then most importantly read the room and vibe to tailor the experience to your Bride's hens party. In Perth, our Firemen are fantastic at bringing just the right amount of hens vibe to your Bride's special day.

How Do We Book Our Life Drawing?

Once you have a location sorted in Perth, you simply secure your date and time with a $149 deposit. The balance/guest numbers aren't required until 2 weeks prior.

The Bride said NO strippers?

PERFECT! That is the exact hens party this package is designed for. Give them a bit of a surprise and laugh to start the party - but then let them sit back and enjoy the drawing class.

Do you supply everything?

We sure do! We bring professional art diaries and pencils so we can set up easily in any space with no mess.

Can you travel outside Perth?

We sure can! Travel fees apply, just get in touch and ask us.

Can you recommend and venues in Perth?

For sure! We have attended a number of venues in Perth CBD that were fantastic for hens parties. Feld and Co is a fantastic option.