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Hens Party Southern Highlands (Bowral, Berry, Mittagong, Robertson)

Planning a relaxing weekend away in the Southern Highlands? Well you've stumbled across the Southern Highland's most popular Hens Parties!

Fireman Life Drawing Package (*Most popular*)

When you book a standard Life Drawing Hens class in an art studio, expect to be sitting in a room similar to your school art class with a naked man simply standing there... wasn't this meant to be a party!? And who wants 90 minutes of willy!?

We do things a bit differently when you book your Life Drawing Hens with us...enjoy a show with your Fireman removing a piece of gear each drawing- this isn't a class, it's a PARTY! Each drawing is filled with audience interaction as the bride nominates guests to remove layers of clothing, also whilst playing fun games throughout and most importantly making everyone laugh for the entire party as it builds up to the final 2 minutes of nudity when the helmet is removed! The Firemen are really great at reading the room and tailoring the party to suit the bride and her guests, from tame to wild.


ONE FIREMAN - 1.5 Hours
1x Fireman 90 minutes
Models, waiters and hosts class
Professional Art Diaries and Pencils 
Perfect for small groups
$49 per person  (Minimum $440 inc. GST or 9 guests) 
*A travel fee may apply, contact us with your address for more details


1x 2 hour Fireman Waiter/Instructor
1x 2 hour Fireman Life Model/Waiter
Professional Art Diaries and Pencils
$59 per person (Minimum $885 inc. GST or 15 guests)
*A travel fee may apply, contact us with your address for more details

Mobile Cocktail Making Class (*New*)

How about surprising the bride with a Fireman who arrives with cocktails! Arriving with everything the party requires to make 45 cocktails, the package is perfect for any party with 10-20 guests. The price below includes travel to most of the Southern Highlands, but just to be sure contact us with your exact location to confirm. You can also combine this package with life drawing for an entire day/night of entertainment and activities!

Fireman Cocktail Making Class (10-20 guests)

One Topless Fireman Waiter/Mixologist

2 hour Duration

Signature Fireman Surprise

Choose TWO Cocktails:

Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Espresso Martini, Pina Colada

Fireman helps run games between cocktails

Ice provided

Glassware provided, 

Shakers provided

Travel from Sydney CBD included (Bowral, Mittagong, Kangaroo Valley, Berry)

You keep any leftovers (enough ingredients for 20 cocktails!)

$1399 inc. GST (Only $93pp with 15 guests | $69pp with 20 guests )

Topless Waiter - 2 Hours

Our hens party topless waiters all have personalities and charisma to match their looks. Your topless waiter will serve and make drinks, take photos, play games, help clean up and overall help host your hens night party! The party really gets excited as your waiter arrives at your house in a genuine Fire Brigade uniform!

$249.99 inc. GST 
*A travel fee may apply, contact us with your address for more details

Male Stripper

Choreographed routine by a professional dancer/gymnast who will put on a show to impress the hens party! Brings his own music - don't be too nervous when a policeman knocks on your door...
$329.99 inc. GST
*A travel fee may apply, contact us with your address for more details

Bowral Berry Kangaroo Valley Hens Party Packages  Bowral Berry Kangaroo Valley Hens Party Packages Bowral Berry Kangaroo Valley Hens Party Packages Bowral Berry Kangaroo Valley Hens Party Packages


Well, to start off we have the most stringent hiring policy for your Fireman. There are plenty of attractive men in the world, however, can they hold a conversation? Not usually! This is our unique difference. Your Fireman who arrives will not only look great, but he will be charismatic, funny & personable and overall able to hold a conversation while hosting your party and breaking the ice between guests that can be a big issue at hens parties where the guests are all from different friend groups & families.

We also have a genuine mindset that a hens night is one of the bride's most memorable nights of her life, which means that we really go the extra mile to make sure the night is memorable for all of the right reasons.

We are also one of the only companies in our industry run by a female. This means that you can feel very comfortable asking any questions about the packages or Firemen and get some honest and helpful advice on tailoring the party to suit the bride perfectly.

To top it off, our trusted brand has been seen on Fitzy & Wippa, Mike E & Emma, Shark Tank, Daily Mail & Huffington Post to name a few.
When booking with us, we only require a 20% deposit based on expected numbers. The remainder is due 14 days prior and is adjusted based on actual attending guests.
We don't accept cash on the night of the event.
No, we don't require you pay your Fireman cash on the night. We pre-pay all events in full so you don't have to worry about anything on the night besides having a good time. We also don't want you to have any awkward moments regarding cash transactions with your Fireman.

Avoid companies that require cash as this often means they may cancel on you last minute.
We aren't quite like the other companies you see where there is a catalogue of men to choose from. You are more than welcome to scroll through our Instagram (@menonfireaustralia) and see if any Firemen tickle your fancy, but we prefer to do things a little differently...

The way we have found works far better in our experience, is for you to tell us the style of your bride, party & guests and we will match the best personality for you. We are big believers that looks are great to start a party, however it is personality that will bring the party to life.
The Fire Chief Life Drawing is by far the most popular package as it combines the best parts of a strip show and topless waiter into a package that will entertain the guests for an extended period of time.
Absolutely! If you have had another company cancel on you or you need to be rescued last minute, the Firemen are the perfect people to call! Call or text us now on 0422 440 627


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