Life Drawing Hens Bowral Berry Gerringong Gerroa Kiama

Have your bride open the door to a fully uniformed Fireman! We bring everything to get your party started at your location in the beautiful Southern Highlands & South Coast. Your Fireman will make your party laugh for the entire duration as he removes a layer of his uniform each drawing until there is nothing left - JUST ENOUGH NUDITY!


 Package Fire Chief
Number Of Firemen 1
Duration 90 mins
Your House/Hotel

Signature Fireman Surprise

A coordinated arrival to make your bride think you booked a stripper!
Professional Art Materials
Travel to Bowral, Mittagong, Berry, Kiama, Gerringong
Per Person $69pp
Minimum Guest Number Varies with time, date & location
Deposit $149
Remainder Due 2 Weeks Prior
Questions? Check Availability?
Life Drawing Hens Bowral

Fireman Life Drawing

When you book a standard Life Drawing Hens class in an art studio, expect to be sitting in a room similar to your school art class with a naked man simply standing there... wasn't this meant to be a party!?

We do things a bit differently when you book your Life Drawing Hens with us...enjoy a show with TWO Firemen and one removing a piece of gear each drawing- this isn't a class, it's a PARTY!
This is the perfect package for the southern highlands as it combines the excitement of a stripper that really livens the party, with a package that will entertain the guests for a few hours and break the ice. This is by far the most popular package that we bring to Bowral, Berry and Kangaroo Valley regions.


Unleash Your Inner Artist: Life Drawing Hen's Party in Bowral, Berry, Gerringong, Kiama, Kangaroo Valley, and Jervis Bay


Planning a hen's party can be a daunting task, but what if we told you there's a unique and creative way to celebrate your upcoming wedding? If you're in the stunning regions of Bowral, Berry, Gerringong, Kiama, Kangaroo Valley, or Jervis Bay, you're in for a treat. Why not ditch the typical night out and embrace your artistic side with a life drawing hen's party? This unconventional and entertaining event promises to be a memorable experience you and your friends will cherish forever.


Life Drawing Hen's Party: Unleash Your Creativity


A life drawing hen's party is a refreshing departure from the conventional bachelorette bash. It's a celebration filled with laughter, art, and a touch of cheeky fun. Here's what you can expect when you decide to host one in these picturesque locations:


Scenic Backdrops

The chosen locations - Bowral, Berry, Gerringong, Kiama, Kangaroo Valley, and Jervis Bay - offer breathtaking backdrops for your artistic adventure. Whether it's the lush vineyards of Bowral, the coastal beauty of Gerringong and Kiama, the tranquil Kangaroo Valley, or the stunning beaches of Jervis Bay, you're guaranteed a visual feast that will inspire your creativity.


Professional Guidance

No artistic experience is required! You and your friends will receive expert guidance from a professional artist who will lead the session. They will provide tips and tricks to help you create your masterpieces. So, even if you haven't held a pencil in years, you'll leave with a newfound appreciation for art.


Nude Male Model

One of the highlights of a life drawing hen's party is, of course, the nude male model. This daring addition adds an element of excitement and humor to the experience. You'll have a chance to explore your artistic talents while capturing the human form in all its glory. It's a liberating and unforgettable experience.


Art Supplies Provided

Worried about bringing art supplies? Don't be. Everything you need, from sketching materials to easels, will be provided for you. Just come with an open mind and a desire to have fun.


Entertainment and Laughter

Life drawing hen's parties are not just about art; they're also about bonding with your friends and sharing laughs. The model's poses and the group's reactions are sure to provide plenty of entertainment throughout the session. It's a unique and lighthearted way to celebrate the bride-to-be.


Keepsake Masterpieces

At the end of the session, each guest will have a personal masterpiece to take home as a memento of this special day. Your artwork will serve as a lasting reminder of the fun and creativity you shared with your friends.


Why Choose These Locations?


Each of the mentioned locations offers its own charm and appeal for hosting a life drawing hen's party.


Bowral: Known for its beautiful gardens, Bowral provides a serene backdrop for your artistic adventure. The rolling hills and lush landscapes will inspire your creative spirit.


Berry: This quaint town offers a perfect blend of country charm and coastal beauty. Whether you're surrounded by picturesque farms or exploring the nearby beaches, Berry has a lot to offer.


Gerringong and Kiama: The coastal towns of Gerringong and Kiama boast stunning beaches, dramatic cliffs, and vibrant art scenes. The combination of coastal beauty and artistic inspiration makes them excellent locations for a life drawing party.


Kangaroo Valley: Surrounded by pristine nature and charming landscapes, Kangaroo Valley is a haven for relaxation and creativity. It's an ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.


Jervis Bay: With its crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches, Jervis Bay is a paradise for beach lovers. The stunning scenery and coastal vibes will add a touch of magic to your hen's party.


A life drawing hen's party in Bowral, Berry, Gerringong, Kiama, Kangaroo Valley, or Jervis Bay is a unique and unforgettable experience that combines art, entertainment, and natural beauty. It's the perfect way to celebrate the bride-to-be and create lasting memories with your friends.


So, if you're looking for an unconventional and entertaining way to mark this special occasion, consider planning a life drawing hen's party in one of these stunning locations. You'll unleash your inner artist, share plenty of laughter, and take home beautiful keepsake masterpieces that will forever remind you of this memorable day.