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Whether you want a topless waiter in full fireman attire, a male stripper, or a complete hens party package, we can give you and your best friends the time of their life—without the worries that your party will take a left turn into sleaze. Our Firemen are there to entertain brides-to-be and their friends, not to become the centre of attention. If you’re stumped for hens party ideas, we have plenty of games, themes, and refreshment ideas that will make your night spectacular. Just ask our experienced planners for ideas for a night filled with fun, without a worry the whole night.

We don’t just do Sydney hens nights that women recommend to all their friends. We travel all over NSW for hens parties—even as far as Brisbane, Bali, and Auckland—to give you a hens party your friends will rave about for years to come. Our Firemen don’t come to put out the fire at your hens party. We come to set it on fire. Our male strippers bring the heat—and go wherever you are to rescue you from a ho-hum party and light the flame that bursts into unbridled fun!  

Born From Disaster, Our Firemen Come To Your Rescue

Our female bookings manager had seen one too many awkward situations erupt at hens parties herself. And that’s one of the reasons why Men on Fire was created to offer the women of Sydney (and Australia) a sexy – yet at all times classy - brand of male entertainment for Sydney hens parties. So let our hunky male strippers rescue your hens party from the sleaze that unfortunately proliferates our industry, and allow our Firemen to deliver a sexy brand of male entertainment that never crosses the line into vulgarity, but always delivers on the entertainment!

Hens Party Sydney Fireman Paraphernalia And Add-Ons

No hens party is complete without the decorations and a few risqué accessories. Our Men on Fire crew have prepared a large list of hens party extras—from sashes for the wedding party to naughty game pieces and shot glasses with a huge surprise at the bottom of the glass. From bride tiaras to inflatable…you guessed it…we have all the stuff you need to make your party a howl. You can even add extra guests to your party with just the touch of a button or two—all online on the ‘Shop’ section of our website. And, don’t forget to grab both of our popular free guides—our downloadable Hens Party Planning Guide and  Hens Party Games. Stock up on fun and watch all the merriment unfold!

Need More Of Our Male Strippers In Sydney? Come To Our Events

If you’ve been lucky enough to have attended a hens party in Sydney where our topless waiters or other entertainers from our Firemen crew put on a show, you needn’t put your fun to a grinding halt. Look for our upcoming appearances at venues all around Sydney for Ladies’ Night shows, charity fundraisers, and other appearances. Or, if you can’t wait for us to come to your neighbourhood, hold a Men on Fire event of your own. One thing’s for sure—we’ll set the place on fire!

Our Customers Recommend The Hens Party Professionals

From life drawing sessions to lending a hand with the BBQ, our team of Firemen show up with your entertainment foremost on their minds. From topless waiters to serve you to leading you in games that will make your hens part Sydney guests howl with laughter and beg for more, our Firemen know how to give you a great time. Years of experience in dance troupes all over the world and providing the entertainment at hens parties have given them a distinct edge in the Sydney male entertainment world. Professional in every way, our Firemen earn praise from our hens party customers all over Sydney, NSW, and the world. But don’t take our word for it. Read what our Men on Fire customers say!

Set Your Sydney Hen's Party On Fire With The Men On Fire Crew

The Firemen are the go-to guys to party with on your hens night. With thousands of happy customers Australia-wide, you are in safe hands when these guys knock on your door! Our guys can come to your door in a costume of your choice—from our traditional Fireman costume to a policeman—to anything in between. Our male strippers are NSW’s first responders of choice when it comes to giving your bride-to-be the time of her life. Just check out our hens party gallery to see all the fun you’ll miss if you don’t call a Fireman!

Book Your Sydney Hens Party Today

You don’t want your bestie to have anything less than the best on her special night. For professional male entertainment that never crosses the line into sleaze, hire one of our Men on Fire crew. Our male strippers Sydney come knocking at your door and fire up your hens party with ice breakers to help everyone loosen up—and then heat it up with fun games and his signature dance moves. Whether you want our signature Firemen look or a nerdy professor to remind you of your uni days, we have you covered. Start a fire in your home or hens party venue. Book a Fireman for your hens party today!

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