Life Drawing Hens Byron Bay

Ditch the mundane life drawing hens parties and kick off your celebration in Byron Bay with a fully uniformed FIREMAN making a grand entrance at your doorstep!

Your Fireman will show up equipped with all the professional art materials needed to host an unforgettable Fireman Life Drawing Hens Party against the backdrop of Byron Bay. As each drawing progresses, a layer of clothing comes off, culminating in a final pose that strikes the perfect balance of tasteful nudity for the occasion.

Charming and entertaining, our Fireman will keep the party in high spirits throughout, ensuring laughter echoes through your Byron Bay celebration. His charisma guarantees that all guests, especially the Bride, feel at ease and thoroughly enjoy the festivities. Our team excels at gauging the atmosphere, ensuring a personalized experience that perfectly aligns with the unique vibe of your Byron Bay gathering.


 Package Fire Chief
Location Your House/Hotel or any Venue Happy To Host Us!
Your Guest Numbers

Any size party!

Number Of Firemen 1
Duration 90 mins


Men On Fire Difference


We arrive as a fully uniformed Firefighter to surprise your Bride! Then we break it to her we aren't actually a stripper, we are here for the most fun, hilarious and interactive Life Drawing Party! 
Art Materials We Bring All The Professional Art Materials
Additional Inclusions Hens Games
Per Person $69pp 
Minimum Cost 12 guests
Deposit $149
Remainder Due 2 Weeks Prior
Less Than 12 Guests? We can still party! Get in touch for more info.
Why Book Fireman Life Drawing?
"I had a lot of comments of how the fireman drawing was the best thing they have ever done at a hens! It is such a fun and unique activity which is why I knew I had to book it again."


Life Drawing Hens Byron bay
Nude Drawing Hens Byron Bay
Life Drawing Hens Byron
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Life Drawing Hens Byron Bay


So what is Fireman Life Drawing?

Immerse yourself in the Ultimate Life Drawing Hens Party experience right here in Byron Bay with Men on Fire!


Choosing our Life Drawing Hens party ensures a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable celebration. Say goodbye to the typical art studio setting with a stationary model—our party is designed for maximum fun and excitement!


At Men on Fire, we redefine Life Drawing Hens, bringing it to new heights against the stunning backdrop of Byron Bay. Our Firemen not only entertain you throughout the event but kick off the excitement with a tantalizing strip show, shedding a piece of gear with each drawing. It's not just a class; it's a PARTY!


Expect lively audience interaction as the bride selects participants for clothing removal and engaging games. Laughter is a guarantee as the party builds up to the thrilling final 2 minutes when the helmet comes off!


Our Firemen are skilled at adapting to your group's preferences, offering an experience that ranges from mild to wild. We have packages to suit all budgets, themes, brides, and guests. Opt for our Fire Chief Package, and a charismatic and entertaining Fireman will guide you through the drawings while also doubling as a waiter, serving drinks and food between poses.


Make your Hens night truly unforgettable with Men on Fire's Life Drawing Hens party right here in the vibrant and beautiful surroundings of Byron Bay!


Life Drawing Hens Byron Bay
Life Drawing Hens Byron Bay
Life Drawing Hens Byron Bay

Life Drawing Hens Byron Bay

Sketch Hens Byron Bay
Nude Drawing Byron BayHens Melbourne
Life Drawing Hens Byron Bay
Life Drawing Hens Byron Bay
Life Drawing Hens Byron Bay

A Perfect Blend of Fun and Flair: Planning a Byron Bay Hens Party with Fireman Life Drawing




Byron Bay, with its idyllic beaches, bohemian vibes, and captivating landscapes, serves as the perfect backdrop for a memorable Hens party. To elevate the celebration to new heights, consider incorporating the exhilarating and unique experience of Fireman Life Drawing. This fusion of artistic expression and playful entertainment promises an unforgettable event for the bride-to-be and her entourage.


Planning the Ultimate Byron Bay Hens Party:


Selecting the Venue:

Begin by choosing a venue that captures the essence of Byron Bay's laid-back charm. Options range from beachside resorts to intimate villas surrounded by lush greenery. The venue should provide a private and comfortable space for the Fireman Life Drawing experience, ensuring an atmosphere conducive to both creativity and celebration.


Coordinating Themes:

Infuse the Hens party with a theme that resonates with the bride's personality. Whether it's a bohemian beach bash or a glamorous night under the stars, aligning the décor and activities with a cohesive theme enhances the overall experience.


Invitations and Guest List:

Craft invitations that set the tone for the event and reflect the chosen theme. Compile a guest list with close friends and family, ensuring that the attendees are ready for an evening filled with laughter, artistry, and a touch of cheeky fun.


Fireman Life Drawing Experience:

Men on Fire, known for their dynamic and entertaining Fireman Life Drawing sessions, adds a unique flair to the Hens party. Coordinate with the organizers to customize the experience, choosing the level of interaction, entertainment, and artistic expression that aligns with the bride's preferences.


Fireman Life Drawing in Byron Bay:


Choosing the Right Package:

Men on Fire offers various packages to cater to different preferences and budgets. Opt for a package that includes a charismatic Fireman to guide the drawing session, ensuring a seamless blend of entertainment and artistic expression.


Interactive Entertainment:

The Fireman Life Drawing experience goes beyond conventional art classes. The Firemen kick off the festivities with a lively strip show, progressively revealing more with each drawing. Engage the audience by encouraging participation in clothing removal and interactive games, creating a vibrant and laughter-filled atmosphere.


Tailoring the Experience:

The charm of Men on Fire lies in their ability to adapt to the group's dynamics. Whether the party prefers a mild, artistic experience or desires a wild and playful celebration, the Firemen can tailor the session to suit the unique vibe of the Hens party.


Fire Chief Package:

For an extra touch of sophistication, consider the Fire Chief Package. This premium option includes a Fireman who not only leads the drawing session but also serves as a charismatic waiter. The Fire Chief takes care of the guests, ensuring drinks and refreshments are served between poses, adding an element of indulgence to the celebration.


The Artistic Journey:


Professional Art Materials:

Men on Fire ensures a professional artistic setup, providing all the necessary materials for an engaging and creative drawing session. From sketchpads to pencils, participants have everything they need to express their artistic talents.


Progressive Unveiling:

As the Fireman poses, each drawing becomes a delightful journey of unveiling. The progressive removal of clothing adds an element of surprise and anticipation, culminating in a thrilling final pose that strikes the perfect balance between artistic expression and playful nudity.


Laughter and Bonding:

Throughout the session, the Fireman's entertaining and charismatic demeanor keeps the atmosphere light-hearted and fun. Laughter becomes a central theme, creating a bonding experience for the bride and her friends as they collectively engage in a unique and memorable activity.




Planning a Hens party in Byron Bay with the addition of Fireman Life Drawing from Men on Fire guarantees an experience that transcends the ordinary. The picturesque surroundings of Byron Bay, combined with the artistic and playful elements of the Fireman Life Drawing session, create a celebration that the bride and her entourage will cherish for a lifetime. From the initial planning stages to the artistic journey and interactive entertainment, every aspect contributes to a perfect blend of fun and flair, making the Hens party in Byron Bay truly exceptional.