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Hens Party Melbourne

Surprise Your Bride With A Firefighter - But he's NOT a Stripper!

Planning a Hens Party in Melbourne? We surprise your Bride with a fully uniformed Firefighter - always the BEST reaction - followed by breaking it to her that "I'm NOT actually a stripper!" 

Your Fireman then gets the party shaking a Signature Cocktail Class or drawing our Signature Fireman Life Drawing

hens planning

The Package: Forget boring art studio life drawing for your Bride's hens party - let's start this party with a FIREFIGHTER!

Inclusions: Super fun Fireman hosts and models, all art materials, 90 minute duration

Locations: Come to our Fitzroy venue (FREE!) or we can come to you within 2 hours of Melbourne CBD

The Package: Let's get your Bride's Hens Party SHAKING! This is a cocktail class designed entirely for Hens Parties.

Inclusions: Mixologist (Classic Attire OR Topless Fireman who surprises your Bride), 2 hour duration, all alcohol, mixers, garnishes, shakers, glassware and hens games.

Location: Mobile package comes to you 

The Package: Can't choose between Life Drawing and Cocktail Class? Want the BEST hens party experience in your own house, hotel or airbnb? Let us bring BOTH packages to you.

Inclusions: Fireman host, all art and cocktail materials, 3 hours of non stop laughs, activities and hens party fun.

Location: Mobile package comes to you

 hens planning

hens party melbourne
Hens Party Melbourne
Hens Party Melbourne
Hens Party Melbourne

Planning A Hens Party in Melbourne?

You've found the MOST fun hens party packages in Melbourne! We get your Bride shaking, drawing, or BOTH with our super fun life drawing and cocktail class packages.

We've been mentioned by Vogue Ballroom, as one of Melbourne's best Hens Party Providers

Where Can We Party In Melbourne For Our Hens?

In Victoria, we can travel within 2 hours of Melbourne CBD. We have a free venue in Fitzroy for our signature Fireman Life Drawing, or we can bring this to your hotel in Melbourne CBD, surrounds, Mornington Peninsula or Geelong.

What Hens Packages Do You Offer?

The two most popular hens party activities in Melbourne are Life Drawing and Cocktail Classes, so we offer these with our signature Firefighter twist to take a classic hens party experience and make it a real PARTY!

How far in advance should we book?

We get this question a lot - we say it really comes down to three things. Time of the year; Booking in February or September is very busy, so we suggest at least 8-12 weeks prior. Location; The further you are from the CBD, the further in advance you need to book. This is as our availability becomes more limited as your Fireman's travel time is taken into account to and from your location. Your Flexibility; If you have a very relaxed weekend planned, we can usually make anything happen. However if you have 10 activities booked and need us at an exact time, get in touch earlier.

Can we book your Cocktail Class at a venue?

Unfortunately not - our cocktail class needs to be in a private location such as a house, hotel or airbnb due to the alcohol required.

Is there a limit to how many guests can attend the hens party in Melbourne?

Absolutely not! We allocate more time and staff to ensure your event runs absolutely smoothly. Just be sure to advise on booking if you expect more than 20 guests to attend.

Is a Bachelorette Party the same as a Hens Party?

It sure is! This is just the American name for a hens party, so consider this also your Bachelorette Party Melbourne.

We've seen Fireman Life Drawing and Cocktail Classes elsewhere?

You very well may have - but that is actually still us! Our packages are so popular and unique that other agencies offer our packages as part of their company. There is no other company in Australia offering Fireman Life Drawing or Fireman Cocktail Classes - we own the trademark!

Why should we book with Men On Fire?

With a decade of experience in the Hens Party Melbourne scene, the highest quality reviews and some of the best publicity around, you're in the safest hands with us. Our company was founded by a REAL ex-NSW Fire & Rescue Firefighter - can't get any safer than that!