Hens Party Packages Sydney

Planning A Hens Party in Sydney?

Want a REALLY easy option to plan the best Hens Party Package in Sydney with the least amount of work for you and the bridesmaids? This is the ideal package!

We've combined all the best of what we do into one package; Fireman Life Drawing AND Cocktail Class  all in one amazing package to give your bride the BEST hens party experience she will never forget in our absolutely stunning premium Barangaroo venue.



Fireman's Cocktail Package



Venue Premium Venue
Duration 4-5 Hours

Sparkling On Arrival

Fireman Life Drawing

Cocktail Masterclass

Main Meal

Life Drawing

Our Signature Firefighter Life Drawing

60 Minute Duration

Stunning Private Room

Cocktail Class

Professional Mixologist

Premium Equipment

Classic & Fun Cocktails

2 Per Person

Mocktail Options On Request

Meal Choices

Guests choose their option on the night

Pappardelle Ragù

Gnocchetti Sardi al Pesto Rosso (V)

Ortolana Pizza (V)

Capricciosa Pizza

Pollo ai Funghi (GF)

Mock Chicken alla Cacciatora (V)

Additions Extra Food, Drinks & Dessert Available On Night
Afterwards? Amazing Cocktail Bar Attached To Venue, Or A Short Walk to Barangaroo, King St Wharf & Darling Harbour

Package Price

Minimum guest numbers apply

$169 Per Person 

Deposit $298
Remainder 2 weeks prior
Other Hens Party Packages Sydney

Fireman Life Drawing

Mobile Cocktail Class

Mobile Hens Package


Hens Party Package Sydney
Hens Party In Sydney CBD
Hens Party In Sydney CBD
Hens Package Sydney
Hens Package Sydney
Hens Package Sydney
Hens Package Sydney

 Hens Party Package Sydney CBD

This is a next step up to a really inclusive hens package with a bit more structure to your hens party. Laugh your heads off with our Signature Fireman Life Drawing to really break the ice for the night ahead. Follow this up with a cocktail making class with your own professional mixologist teaching the guests popular cocktails, with the guests enjoying two each. 


Premium Fine Dining Barangaroo Venue

Fireman Life Drawing

Fireman 60 minutes

Signature Fireman Surprise

Professional Art Materials

Cocktail Making Masterclass

Professional Mixologist 

2 cocktails per guest

Main Meal Choices

Pappardelle Ragù

Gnocchetti Sardi al Pesto Rosso (V)

Ortolana Pizza (V)

Capricciosa Pizza

Pollo ai Funghi (GF)

Mock Chicken alla Cacciatora (V)


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Hens Party Packages Sydney

hens party packages sydneyhens party packages sydney


Do We Share The Party With Anyone Else?

Absolutely NOT! We only offer 100% private hens party packages in Sydney.

What Time Does The Hens Party Start?

We recommend parties work back from when they wish to finish the package to choose their start time. For example if you have somewhere to party at 8pm, book with us to start around 3/4pm.

What are people saying?

"We had such a fun night, Bec was kept in the dark about the whole day and she was pleasantly surprised. Thank you so much for organising the whole night, it ran so smoothly and even the bar staff at Crane Bar were hospitable.

Thank you thank you thank you for making her night so special and memorable. Most of the ladies mentioned how great the life drawing session was as our host and our model made it so fun and light hearted (not like other life drawing's we've experienced in the past). You guys did a tremendous job and you really should be commended on how  organised your packages are and great value for money! Our hen could not stop smiling all night and she's still buzzing to this day. She mentioned that it was one of the greatest nights shes had in a while and exceeded her expectations!

We are all looking forward to the wedding and I can assure you the other ladies in the group are recommending Men on Fire to their friends and family. Everyone had a great night and I was receiving so many compliments on how well organised it was, but it honestly was all thanks to you and your guys! Thanks Hannah for all your assistance and for replying to my emails, no matter how annoying or dumb the question was!! You guys did amazing!"

-Jamie, Sydney NSW

"We had the best time!!! Thank you so much for everything from start to finish!! I am so so happy I found you guys the entire experience was great! You answered all my questions and phone calls so quickly too and you were always going out of your way to help me out and it helped make the weekend what it was!!! Fireman Sam was so much fun, super professional and very good at his job.

The class was even more fun than expected and we made so many good memories! Super impressed with all the art gear, pads and pencils etc.  I couldn't recommend Men on Fire more highly and hope we can book you again in the future! It was simple to book, stress free and affordable!! Definitely value for money! thank you for creating the environment for us ladies to make fun memories! All the hens enjoyed the class and the ones who had the worst drawings made the most fun. A++++++++++ Thank you"

-Catherine, Sydney NSW

"Thank you so much for everything! From the very first email you were just fabulous to deal with and so helpful!  Last night was just perfect! Fireman Sam did a fantastic job! Very respectful and lots and lots of fun! The night went so smoothly and the inclusion of the cocktail class and the life drawing was great! The bride to be had such a fun night, along with the rest of the bridal party! Raving reviews from all of us - it really made the weekend one we’ll never forget. "

-Steph, NSW


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A Sizzling Celebration: Planning a Memorable Hens Party in Sydney with Men On Fire




Sydney, the dazzling gem of Australia, is known for its iconic landmarks, stunning beaches, and a vibrant nightlife. Planning a hens party in Sydney offers an array of exciting possibilities. If you're looking for a celebration that's not only unforgettable but also a bit cheeky and daring, Men On Fire is here to make your hens party dreams come true. In this comprehensive content, we will guide you through the art of planning the perfect hens party in Sydney with Men On Fire, exploring what makes Sydney a fantastic choice, what Men On Fire has to offer, and how to make your special night truly extraordinary.


Why Choose Sydney for Your Hens Party?


Iconic Landmarks: Sydney boasts an array of iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, providing you with unique options for a spectacular backdrop to your hens party.


Diverse Activities: Sydney offers a wide range of activities, from beach days and outdoor adventures to theater shows and nightclub experiences. There's something for every hens party style and theme.


Culinary Delights: The city's culinary scene is diverse and flourishing. Sydney's restaurants and cafes offer an extensive array of local and international cuisine, ensuring a delectable dining experience for your hens party.


Accessibility: Sydney is easily accessible, both for local residents and out-of-town guests. Its well-connected transportation system ensures that you can reach your chosen hens party venue with ease.


Why Choose Men On Fire for Your Sydney Hens Party?


Entertainment Excellence: Men On Fire is renowned for their charismatic and entertaining performers who transform your hens party into an unforgettable night. They know how to add a spark to the evening and keep your guests engaged and entertained throughout the event.


Diverse Acts: Men On Fire offers a wide range of acts and performances to suit your preferences and the theme of your hens party. Whether you're looking for a steamy fireman show, a sensual topless waiter experience, or something else entirely, they've got you covered.


Professional and Reliable: With Men On Fire, you can rest assured that your hens party will run smoothly. Their professional approach ensures that everything, from planning to execution, is taken care of with precision and attention to detail.


Tailored to Your Style: Men On Fire caters to various styles and themes. Whether you're looking for a mild or wild experience, they're adaptable and can customize the performance to match your group's vibe.


Services Offered by Men On Fire for Your Sydney Hens Party


Fireman Show: Men On Fire's signature Fireman Show is a hot and sizzling experience that sets the stage on fire. Their professional performers arrive in full fireman attire and gradually shed layers while entertaining your guests. It's an unforgettable and cheeky show that adds an exciting twist to your hens party.


Topless Waiters: If you're looking to pamper your guests with a more sophisticated and elegant experience, Men On Fire offers topless waiter services. Their charming and well-groomed waiters cater to your guests' needs, serving drinks and ensuring everyone is well taken care of.


Customized Performances: Men On Fire understands that each hens party is unique. They're ready to tailor their performances to your specific requirements, ensuring that your event is exactly as you've envisioned it.


How to Plan Your Sydney Hens Party with Men On Fire


Theme and Style: Begin by determining the theme and style you want for your hens party. Whether it's a fireman-themed extravaganza or an elegant soirée with topless waiters, Men On Fire can customize their performances to match your vision.


Venue Selection: Choose a venue that complements your chosen theme and style. Whether it's a beachfront location, a chic city club, or a private residence, make sure it suits your party's atmosphere.


Performance Duration: Decide how long you want Men On Fire's performers to entertain your guests. Their acts can range from a brief show to an extended performance, depending on your preferences and schedule.


Add-Ons and Packages: Explore Men On Fire's additional services and packages. These can include special performances, customized experiences, and topless waiter services to enhance your hens party.


Planning a Sydney Hens Party Step-by-Step with Men On Fire


Now that you're well-acquainted with why Men On Fire is the perfect choice for your Sydney hens party, let's dive into planning the event step-by-step.


Step 1: Define Your Vision and Theme


The first step in planning your hens party with Men On Fire is to define your vision and theme. What kind of experience do you want? Do you envision a wild night with a fireman show, or would you prefer a sophisticated soirée with topless waiters? Consider the bride's preferences and your group's style. This will set the tone for the entire event.


Step 2: Choose the Perfect Venue


Once you've determined your theme, it's time to select the ideal venue. Sydney offers a wide range of options, from beachfront locations and elegant city clubs to private residences. The choice of venue should align with your theme and accommodate your group comfortably.


Step 3: Select the Duration and Style of Performances


Next, decide how long you want Men On Fire's performers to entertain your guests. Whether you're looking for a brief and exciting show or an extended performance that keeps the energy high, Men On Fire can cater to your preferences. Discuss the style of the performances and whether you'd like additional acts or topless waiter services.


Step 4: Explore Add-Ons and Packages


To enhance your hens party experience, explore Men On Fire's additional services and packages. These can include special performances, customized experiences, and topless waiter services. Tailor your package to match your group's preferences and make the event truly unique.


Step 5: Plan the Details and Decor


With the major decisions made, it's time to focus on the finer details. Plan the décor, including table settings, centerpieces, and any other thematic elements that enhance the atmosphere. Coordinate the event timeline to ensure a seamless flow of activities and performances.


Step 6: Create a Unique Menu


Sydney offers a wealth of culinary delights, and your hens party should be no exception. Collaborate with a caterer or select a menu that matches your theme and tantalizes your guests' taste buds. Don't forget to include beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, to keep everyone refreshed.


Step 7: Send Out Invitations


Prepare a guest list and send out stylish invitations that reflect the theme and style of your hens party. Make sure to include all the essential details, such as the date, time, venue, and any special instructions or dress code.


Step 8: Plan Entertainment and Games


While Men On Fire will provide the main entertainment, consider incorporating some fun hens party games and activities to keep your guests engaged and entertained throughout the event. Games can range from traditional favorites to customized activities that match your theme.


Step 9: Confirm All Arrangements


As the hens party date approaches, double-check all arrangements, including the venue, catering, performances, and any special requests. Confirming these details in advance will help ensure a stress-free and seamless event.


Step 10: Enjoy the Celebration


Once all the planning is complete, it's time to relax, enjoy, and celebrate with the bride-to-be and your guests. With Men On Fire's expert entertainment and your well-organized event, you're in for a night of sizzle and spark that will be remembered for years to come.




Sydney is a city of vibrant beauty and endless possibilities, making it the perfect backdrop for a hens party that's anything but ordinary. Men On Fire, with their charismatic performers and customizable performances, takes your hens party to the next level. Whether you're looking for an electrifying fireman show or a sophisticated evening with topless waiters, Men On Fire offers the perfect entertainment solution. Don't miss the opportunity to create unforgettable memories and celebrate your upcoming wedding with a hens party that's a sizzling celebration to remember. Your perfect Sydney hens party with Men On Fire is just a few steps away from becoming a reality.