Hens Party Life Drawing Gold Coast - Men On Fire


Hens Party Life Drawing Gold Coast


Planning A Life Drawing Hens Party Gold Coast?

*Knock Knock* 
Is that the Fire Alarm...
"Don't worry I'm not a stripper... I'm here for LIFE DRAWING!"

Fireman Life Drawing! AMAZING!? This is far from your regular Life Drawing Hens in Surfers Paradise.

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 Package Fireman Life Drawing
Host/Model A Super Fun, Entertaining and Handsome FIREMAN!
Duration 90 mins
Location Your House/Hotel/Airbnb


Men On Fire Difference

A coordinated arrival to make your bride think you booked a stripper - but you didn't!

JUST enough nudity! A layer of uniform is removed each drawing until only the final drawing is nude

Art Materials Professional art diaries and pencils - SUPER easy to set up, use anywhere and no mess!
Per Person $59pp
Ready To Party? hens planning
Minimum Cost Varies with date, time and location

Outside Gold Coast CBD?

Brisbane $59pp 

Burleigh Heads $59pp

Coolangatta $64pp

Small Group? Get in touch!
Other Packages?

Deposit $149
Remainder Due 2 Weeks Prior
Why Book? "I had a lot of comments of how the fireman drawing was the best thing they have ever done at a hens! It is such a fun and unique activity which is why I knew I had to book it again." Tiffany
Life Drawing Hens Party
FIreman Life Drawing
Hens Party Life Drawing Gold Coast
Life Drawing Hens Party
Life Drawing Gold Coast

Planning A Life Drawing Hens Party on the Gold Coast?

Planning your hens activities for your girls weekend in Surfers Paradise? Well you've come across one of the most popular! Whether you are at a hotel or have hired a house for the weekend, surprise the bride-to-be with the perfect combination of entertainment, activity, cheekiness and fun, all starting with a fully uniformed Fireman knocking on the door! Need some planning helps? Check out our guides.

What is so fun about our Life Drawing?

Get your party started with a fully uniformed FIREMAN knocking at the door to surprise your bride and then draw him as he slowly removes a layer until there is just enough nudity for the big finale!

What is the Men on Fire difference?

If your bride has said "No Strippers', the Firemen Life Drawing Hens Gold Coast are who you are looking for. We start off the party by surprising the bride, thinking you've gone and done exactly that - booked a stripper! He will then reassure her he is actually there to host a life drawing class, but will get naked!
After setting everyone up with drinks and professional art books & pencils, your Fireman will guide everyone through a series of HILARIOUS drawings and games. He will have guests and of course the bride, come up and help him remove layers until there is NOTHING left.

What is the booking process for our Hens?

A $149 deposit is taken upon booking, with the balance and guest numbers not due until 14 days prior.

Any last thoughts on booking your Hens Party Life Drawing?

Will it be sleazy or cringy though? ABSOLUTELY NOT! You're in extra safe hands with the Firemen - not just any team would be featured on Fitzy & Wippa, Shark Tank, Hughesy, Google Box, Channel 10, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Pedestrian.tv just to name a few.

Why Book Our Gold Coast Life Drawing Hens Party Experience?

We know FUN! Way too many hens parties have an experience that is either WAY too formal or at the other end of the spectrum, way to stripper/sleazy! We tailor the package to the absolute PERFECT level of hens fun.

Can We Add Anything Else?

You sure can! You can add a Mobile Cocktail Class to make it a complete Hens Party Experience!