Fireman Life Drawing - AMAZING!? This is far from your regular Life Drawing Hens Party. When you book a standard Life Drawing Hens class in an art studio, expect to be sitting in a room similar to your school art class with a naked man simply standing there... wasn't this meant to be a party!? And who wants 90 minutes of willy!?

Men on Fire do things a bit differently when you book your Life Drawing Hens with us...enjoy a show with your Fireman removing a piece of gear each drawing- this isn't a class, it's a PARTY! Each drawing is filled with audience interaction as the bride nominates guests to remove layers of clothing, also whilst playing fun games throughout and most importantly making everyone laugh for the entire party as it builds up to the final 2 minutes of nudity when the helmet is removed! The Firemen are really great at reading the room and tailoring the party to suit the bride and her guests, from tame to wild. Our parties also include FREE venue hire in Sydney CBD if you don't have a venue or accommodation.

Our packages below cater to all budgets and levels of hens parties. The Fire Chief Package will have one very charismatic Fireman run you through the drawings as he poses for you as well, waitering drinks and food for you between poses. This package is ideal for smaller groups and especially great for an earlier time slot. The Fire House Package will have two Firemen party with you, one being your model while the other acts as a topless waiter and host to guide you through the party. The package is recommended for parties of approximately 20 guests and above (we have done up to 100 guests!), and is also recommended for later time slots as a real party starter.


(Recommended for less than 15 guests)
ONE FIREMAN - 1.5 Hours
1x Fireman 90 minutes
Models, waiters and hosts class
Professional Art Diaries and Pencils 
Free venue hire in Sydney CBD or your location
Perfect for small groups
$449.99 inc. GST 
(8 guests, additional guests $14.99 per person) 
8 guests = $56pp, 10 guests = $48pp, 15 guests = $37pp, 20 guests = $31pp


(Recommended for larger groups 20-100 guests)
1x 2 hour Fireman Waiter/Instructor
1x 2 Hour Fireman Life Model/Waiter
Professional Art Diaries and Pencils
Free venue hire in Sydney CBD or your location
$899.99 inc. GST
(20 guests, additional guests $14.99 per person)
20 guests = $45pp, 30 guests = $35pp, 40 guests = $30pp

Life Drawing Hens SydneyHens Party Nude Drawing

  Life Drawing Sydney Hens Party Nude Sketch Model Life Drawing Sydney Hens Party Nude Sketch Model Life Drawing Sydney Hens Party Nude Sketch Model


Because we are the most professional and the most FUN! The Firemen are charismatic and entertaining, the life drawing is hilarious and we make the bride feel SUPER comfortable and not awkward in any way. The Firemen read the room and vibe of every party so no two are the same, tailored perfectly to the audience.

To top it off, our trusted brand has been seen on Fitzy & Wippa, Mike E & Emma, Shark Tank, Daily Mail, Channel 10, Hughesy We Have A Problem,, Goggle Box & Huffington Post to name a few.
When booking with us, we only require a 20% deposit based on expected numbers. The remainder is due 14 days prior and is adjusted based on actual attending guests.
For 5-25 guests we offer Crane Bar in Potts Point, for 15-30 guests we offer Bloody Marys in Darlinghurst and for 20-40 guests we offer The Horse in Surry Hills. Each of these venue rooms are free for parties finishing before 6pm, with parties after 6pm simply having to add on a food & beverage package. We also regularly attend venues booked by parties themselves, including The Carter, The Cliff Dive & Casa Ristorante, so if you have already booked a function room/area simply pass on the details of the venue to us and we can come to you!
The packages above include your Firemen, art supplies & room hire. Food and drinks can be ordered from the menu on the night or additional packages can be added.
Absolutely we do! Almost every single weekend we are at parties throughout Sydney and the entire state, such as Hunter Valley, Bowral, Campbelltown, Wollongong, Penrith, Lithgow, Mudgee, Nelsons Bay - nowhere is too far for us. We literally go the extra mile for you!
Absolutely! If you have had another company cancel on you or you need to be rescued last minute, the Firemen are the perfect people to call! Call or text us now on 0422 440 627


 We respond to emails 24/7, we're Firemen!