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Life Drawing Hens Newcastle

Welcome to the most popular hens party idea in Newcastle and Nelson Bay, Fireman Life Drawing

When you book a standard Life Drawing Hens class in an art studio, expect to be sitting in a room similar to your school art class with a naked man simply standing there... wasn't this meant to be a party!? And no one really wants 90 minutes of penis in awkward poses that you would rather erase from your memory than draw!

We do things a bit differently when you book your Life Drawing Hens with us...we start the party with Firemen surprising the bride. The look on her face will be priceless as she assumes you have booked her a stripper. The firemen will then explain they are actually there to run a life drawing class, but they will be getting NAKED! The Firemen are all fantastic at reading the room, so they will tailor the party to suit the bride's comfort (and party) levels perfectly.

No two parties we do are the same and we can operate in any space you have - from a studio apartment in Newcastle, to a party bus, boat cruise, restaurant, wherever you are planning your Newcastle Hens Life Drawing, the Firemen will be there! There is a small travel fee based on your exact location of only a few dollars per person.


ONE FIREMAN - 1.5 Hours
1x Fireman 90 minutes
Models, waiters and hosts class
Professional Art Diaries and Pencils 
Perfect for small groups
$49 per person  (Minimum $440 inc. GST or 9 guests) 
*A travel fee may apply, contact us with your address for more details


1x 2 hour Fireman Waiter/Instructor
1x 1 Hour Fireman Life Model + 1 Hour Fireman Waiter
Professional Art Diaries and Pencils
$59 per person (Minimum $885 inc. GST or 15 guests)
*A travel fee may apply, contact us with your address for more details

Topless Waiter Sydney Butler Buff Bow Tie Cheeky Hens Topless Waiter Sydney Butler Buff Bow Tie Cheeky Hens Topless Waiter Sydney Butler Buff Bow Tie Cheeky Hens Topless Waiter Sydney
Because we genuinely care! We are one of the few companies that are run by a female so ladies, you can rest assured we know how to plan a fun hens party with the right guys for you!
You may recognise Fireman Sam and the team from a viral prank with Fitzy & Wippa on Nova, a successful pitch on the Channel 10 show Shark Tank Australia, numerous articles in the Daily Mail and even an expert guest segment on Hughesy We Have A Problem and Goggle Box.
When booking with us, we only require a 20% deposit based on expected numbers. The remainder is due 14 days prior and is adjusted based on actual attending guests.
We don't accept cash on the night of the event.
No, we don't require you pay your Fireman cash on the night. We pre-pay all events in full so you don't have to worry about anything on the night besides having a good time. We also don't want you to have any awkward moments regarding cash transactions with your Fireman.

Avoid companies that require cash as this often means they may cancel on you last minute.
We aren't quite like the other companies you see where there is a catalogue of men to choose from. You are more than welcome to scroll through our Instagram (@menonfireaustralia) and see if any Firemen tickle your fancy, but we prefer to do things a little differently...

The way we have found works far better in our experience, is for you to tell us the style of your bride, party & guests and we will match the best personality for you. We are big believers that looks are great to start a party, however it is personality that will bring the party to life.
Absolutely we do! Almost every single weekend we are at parties throughout the region, from the Hunter Valley out to Nelson Bay and the Port Stephens Region.
Absolutely! If you have had another company cancel on you or you need to be rescued last minute, the Firemen are the perfect people to call! Call or text us now on 0422 440 627


Use the below contact form, email or call/text on 0422 440 627