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Life Drawing Hens Melbourne 

Draw a FIREFIGHTER for your Hens Party!

Planning a Life Drawing Hens in Melbourne? You've found the most fun Life Drawing Hens Party Melbourne around! Let's set the scene...


A fully uniformed Firefighter arrives on your door step to start your Hens Party Life Drawing...

Knock Knock - Is that the smoke alarm?

*Bride Screams*


"I’m not a Stripper! I'm here for Life Drawing!"

What follows is SO much fun, laughs and the perfect amount of hens party vibes for your Bride's special when you book a FIREFIGHTER for your Life Drawing Hens Melbourne.

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 Package Fireman Life Drawing Hens Melbourne
Location Your House/Hotel or any Venue Happy To Host Us!
Need A Venue?

Our resident venue is The Rochey in Fitzroy

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It's FREE!

Host/model An amazing, fun and handsome FIREMAN!
Duration 90 mins


Men On Fire Difference

A coordinated arrival to make your bride think you booked a stripper!

JUST enough nudity for a Life Drawing Hens Party! A layer of uniform is removed each drawing until only the final drawing is nude

Art Materials Professional art diaries and pencils - SUPER easy to set up, use anywhere and no mess!
Additional Inclusions Hens Games and EPIC photos
Per Person $59pp 
Minimum Cost Varies with date, time and location
Deposit $149
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Outside Melbourne CBD? 

These prices include travel costs

Greater Melbourne $59pp

Geelong Region $69pp

Mornington Peninsula $69pp

Remainder Due 2 Weeks Prior
Small group? We can still party! Get in touch for more info.
How about a package that includes Firemen & Cocktails?

Why Book Fireman Life Drawing?
"I had a lot of comments of how the fireman drawing was the best thing they have ever done at a hens! It is such a fun and unique activity which is why I knew I had to book it again."
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Let's Draw A Fireman For Your Life Drawing Hens Melbourne!

So what is Fireman Life Drawing Melbourne? 

We know how to party! Our hens party life drawing is far from the classic hens party life drawing experience in Melbourne - we surprise your Bride dressed as a FIREFIGHTER! We bring absolutely everything and tailor the experience to the perfect hens party vibe. 

We remove a layer of our uniform each drawing until JUST enough nudity at the very end. You can even remove the nudity totally if you prefer!

Do you guys come to us for our Life Drawing Hens Party?

We can come to you, generally anywhere within 2 hours of Melbourne, or you can come to our location in Fitzroy. Our venue is 100% free and has no minimum costs or hire fees. If we come to you, we can make any space work so don't stress on choosing a place suitable for Life Drawing in Melbourne.

How far in advance should we book?

We generally suggest 1-2 months prior toy our hens party, especially in busy seasons such as February and September. Always reach out any time though! We are firemen and like to respond fast to last minute calls for our life drawing parties!

Do you bring all the materials to my Hens Party for Life Drawing?

We sure do! We bring professional art diaries and pencils to ensure it is a mobile and fun experience in any setting for your Hens Party.

Can we choose the model for our Life Drawing Hens Melbourne?

While we understand you may have specific preferences, we don't like to guarantee exact life drawing models. All of our team are good looking Firemen, however most importantly their personality & charisma are something that can't be summed up in a photo catalogue online. 

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