Life Drawing Hens Brisbane

Planning Life Drawing Hens in Brisbane? Fireman Life Drawing! AMAZING!? This is far from your regular Life Drawing Hens Party you've seen in Brisbane. Get your party started with a fully uniformed FIREMAN knocking at the door to surprise your bride! 

 Package Fire Chief
Your Guest Numbers Any!
Number Of Firemen 1
Duration 90 mins
Your House/Hotel

Signature Fireman Surprise

A coordinated arrival to make your bride think you booked a stripper!

Professional Art Materials

Per Person

*travel fees and minimum costs apply



Deposit $149
Remainder Due 2 Weeks Prior


Life Drawing Hens Brisbane
Life Drawing Hens Brisbane
Life Drawing Hens Party Brisbane
Hey Brisbane gals, how does FIREMAN life drawing sound!? It sure sounds a whole lot better than some awkward guy in a robe with a boring art teacher! The perfect hens activity for that bride who said "PLEASE NO STRIPPERS!" See the relief on your bride's face when the Fireman at her door breaks it to her that he is actually there to host a life drawing class.

We do things a bit differently when you book your Life Drawing Hens with us...enjoy a show with your Fireman removing a piece of gear each drawing- this isn't a class, it's a PARTY! Each drawing is filled with audience interaction as the bride nominates guests to remove layers of clothing, also whilst playing fun games throughout and most importantly making everyone laugh for the entire party as it builds up to the final 2 minutes of nudity when the helmet is removed! The Firemen are really great at reading the room and tailoring the party to suit the bride and her guests, from tame to wild.
Life Drawing Hens Party Brisbane


Discover the captivating world of life drawing in Brisbane. Explore unique and engaging art classes that allow you to unleash your creativity, enhance your skills, and create lasting memories. Immerse yourself in Brisbane's vibrant arts scene and experience the joy of life drawing. Need some planning inspo? Check our Hens Guides

If you're looking to tap into your artistic side and have a memorable experience in Brisbane, life drawing is the perfect activity. Life drawing involves sketching or painting a live model, capturing their form, and expressing your creativity on paper. Brisbane, with its thriving arts and culture, offers a range of life drawing classes and workshops suitable for beginners and experienced artists alike. Unleash your creativity, enhance your skills, and embark on a captivating journey with life drawing in Brisbane.

  1. Engaging and Inspiring Classes: Brisbane's art community provides a diverse range of life drawing classes led by experienced artists and instructors. Whether you're a beginner exploring your artistic talents or a seasoned artist looking to refine your skills, there are classes tailored to your needs. These engaging sessions provide guidance, techniques, and constructive feedback to help you improve your artistry. Immerse yourself in a supportive and inspiring environment where you can explore different mediums and experiment with various drawing styles.

  2. Cultural and Artistic Hub: Brisbane is known for its vibrant arts scene, boasting numerous galleries, exhibitions, and cultural events that celebrate creativity. By participating in life drawing classes in Brisbane, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in this artistic hub, connect with local artists, and gain inspiration from the diverse artistic expressions that thrive in the city.

  3. Personal Growth and Self-Expression: Life drawing goes beyond just learning to draw. It allows for personal growth, self-expression, and the development of observational skills. Through life drawing, you can cultivate patience, focus, and mindfulness while honing your artistic abilities. It's a therapeutic and enriching experience that encourages self-reflection and artistic exploration.

  4. Networking and Community: Participating in life drawing classes in Brisbane provides an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow artists and build a supportive community. Engage in conversations, share ideas, and receive feedback from like-minded individuals who share your passion for art. Networking opportunities may lead to collaborations, exhibitions, or further artistic endeavors.

  5. Unique and Memorable Experience: Life drawing classes offer a unique and memorable experience for individuals seeking artistic growth, creative expression, or a memorable activity. Whether you're attending a life drawing class alone or with a group of friends, it's an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone, challenge yourself creatively, and create lasting memories in a supportive and inspiring environment.

Life drawing classes in Brisbane offer a captivating and enriching experience for individuals of all artistic backgrounds. Immerse yourself in the vibrant arts scene, unleash your creativity, and enhance your artistic skills. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, life drawing provides a unique and unforgettable journey into the world of art. Embrace the joy of capturing the human form and let your imagination soar in the artistic landscape of Brisbane..