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Hens Party Games

So you've started planning a hens party, but wondering what you actually do when you have all the aunties, mums, high school friends, university friends and even grandmas together to break the ice? Well here are some super easy and fun hens party games that require little to no set up or money!

Balloon Thrust

Grab a pack of regular balloons and hand one out to half of the guests, asking them to blow it up. Suggest that the bigger they blow it up the easier the game is. Then pair everyone up, we recommend getting the bride or mother of the bride to partner up with the topless waiter! Now you have to tell the guests they have to "thrust" against each other until the balloon pops, with a prize for the first and a shot for last place.

Bride Memory Game

Hand out a piece of paper and a pen to each of the guests and ask them to write their favourite or most embarrassing memory with the bride (or even just how they met if they are stuck for ideas). The host or topless waiter can then read these out, with the bride having to guess who the memory was with and it is up to the bride if she wishes to elaborate on some of the more risque memories!

Nurse Bride

Grab a pack of band aids and hand one to each of the guests. Ask them to stick them anywhere on the topless waiter (maybe ask the waiter before getting too frisky on certain spots!) and then blindfold the bride and she has to find them and peel them off. Bonus points if she uses her teeth!

Cucumber Race

Your first challenge is to purchase two extra large cucumbers without making any awkward eye contact with the Woolies shop assistant...
Then, at the party separate the guests into two teams and form a line for each team. Start at one end with the cucumber in between the legs of the first person and then passing legs to legs to each guest all the way to the end. The losing team is up for shots!

Pin The Junk On The Hunk

This is a classic hens party game and will need a pre-purchased poster and sticker. Stick the "Hunk" poster to the wall and hand each guest a sticker with the "junk". There's two options here... one is to get the topless waiter to blindfold and spin each guest and direct them towards the poster. The other is to have someone else blindfold and spin each guest, directing them towards the topless waiter instead! 

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