Mobile Cocktail Making Class Sydney

We come to you!

See the look on your bride's face as TWO Firemen knock on the door to surprise her. Then see the relief and excitement as they break the news to her that not only are their pants staying on, they are here to make cocktails! They will then guide the guests through a series of 3 cocktails after arriving with EVERYTHING you need to enjoy your evening of cocktails and entertainment. This package is cheaper than buying cocktails at a venue, includes TWO Firemen topless waiters and best of all - you sit back in your own location and we do EVERYTHING!

Fireman Mobile Cocktail Class

2 Hour Cocktail Making Class 

TWO Topless Firemen Mixologists/Waiters

15x Gin Southsides

15x Espresso Martinis 

15x Grapefruit Cosmopolitans

All glassware provided

All shakers provided

All ingredients provided

Ice provided

$1185 inc. GST ($79pp with 15 guests)

What if we have don't have exactly 15 guests?

After years of running cocktail classes, we have found that not everyone at a party has the same taste buds and not everyone has the same alcohol tolerance. Due to this reason, if booking for anywhere from 10-25 guests, this package still works perfectly. You will still receive the ingredients required for 15 of each of the cocktails, however with less than 15 guests there is just more left over to keep partying, and with more than 15 guests, the guests can pick and choose the cocktails that they prefer. There will always be a couple of guests who don't want all three cocktails (someone had a wild night the night before, someone might not like espresso martinis (someone crazy we guess!?) or nan might not quite be up for having three cocktails before hitting the town...)

If your party is significantly more than 15 guests, we have run these classes with up to 40 guests and they are so much fun, so get in touch and we can tailor something more suitable to your party by double the cocktails and extending the Firemen!

Espresso Martini, Grapefruit Cosmo, Gin Southside
Mobile Cocktail Class SydneyMobile Cocktail Class Sydney


We make your life easy! We arrive with everything you need for a night of entertainment & activities. Our Firemen are also all carefully recruited to be charismatic, entertaining & fantastic at reading the room so your bride is super comfortable and having a fab night.
You sure can! We aren't limited to Firemen, you can also have Bow Tie & Suit Pants, Cheeky Apron & Nautical Sailor Outfit.
When booking with us, we only require a 20% deposit based on expected numbers. The remainder is due 14 days prior and is adjusted based on actual attending guests.
We don't accept cash on the night of the event.
We sure can! We can make mocktails for some guests, swap out some ingredients or even entire cocktails altogether.

We aren't quite like the other companies you see where there is a catalogue of men to choose from. You are more than welcome to scroll through our Instagram (@menonfireaustralia) and see if any Firemen tickle your fancy, but we prefer to do things a little differently...

The way we have found works far better in our experience, is for you to tell us the style of your bride, party & guests and we will match the best personality for you. We are big believers that looks are great to start a party, however it is personality that will bring the party to life.
Absolutely we do! Almost every single weekend we are at parties throughout the entire state, such as Hunter Valley, Bowral, Wollongong, Penrith, Lithgow, Mudgee, Nelsons Bay - nowhere is too far for us. We literally go the extra mile for you! We will often tailor the package to have 1 Fireman instead of 2 to reduce any travel costs for you also.
Absolutely! If you have had another company cancel on you or you need to be rescued last minute, the Firemen are the perfect people to call! Call or text us now on 0422 440 627


 We respond to emails 24/7, we're Firemen!