Cocktail Class Hens Canberra

Fireman Mobile Cocktail Class, We Come To You!

Knock Knock - the Fire Brigade are here! WITH COCKTAILS! As one of our most popular packages across Australia, especially in Canberra, we come to you and do absolutely everything. Forget organising transport to one of Canberra's small number of cocktail venues you have probably been to a million times before, let us come to your house, hotel, Airbnb, apartment and bring everything with us. We bring the cocktail ingredients, glassware, ice, shakers and even clean up. 


This party includes the ingredients for up to 20 of each cocktail, however it is suitable for 10-20 guests. With less guests, there is simply extra cocktails or left over ingredients for you to keep. With more guests, it is simply cheaper and the Firemen can tailor the recipe so there is a few more cocktails from the ingredients and there is always a few different tastes amongst the group.

Fireman Mobile Cocktail Class (10-20 guests)
1x Fireman Topless Waiter/Mixologist
2 hour duration
Signature Fireman Surprise 
Choose TWO cocktails from Espresso Martini, Margarita, Cosmopolitan or Pina Colada (Each guest has 2 cocktails each)
All glassware provided
All shakers provided
All ingredients provided
Ice provided
We travel from Sydney to Canberra
You keep any leftovers! (Enough ingredients for up to 20 of each cocktail)

$1599 inc. GST ($106pp for 15 guests | $79pp with 20 guests)