Cocktail Class Hens Canberra 

Why venture out when you've got a fantastic house, hotel, or Airbnb booked in Canberra? Bring the party to you with a Professional Mixologist who'll get your guests whipping up crazy, delicious, and super fun cocktails to kick-start your celebration! We've got everything covered!

We'll bring the shakers, glassware, mixers, garnishes, hens party games, and most importantly, THE PARTY! We'll break the ice, set the vibe, and guarantee laughter and cheers from your guests throughout the entire event. Let Canberra be the backdrop for your unforgettable cocktail extravaganza!


Mobile Cocktail Class | Classic Experience
1x Professional Mixologist
Smart Attire | Fully Clothed | Male or Female
2 hour duration
Choose TWO cocktails from Espresso Martini, Margarita, Fairy Floss Martini, Passion Fruit Sherbet Martini
All glassware provided
All shakers provided
All ingredients provided
Ice provided
All alcohol and ingredients included
You keep any leftovers! 

$79pp | Minimum cost 12 guests


Cocktail Class Hens Canberra

Canberra Cocktail Class

Canberra Hens Party

Unleash the Fun: A Perfect Cocktail Making Class for Your Hen's Party in Canberra


Are you on the lookout for an unforgettable and entertaining experience to celebrate the bride-to-be in Canberra? Look no further! Our exclusive Cocktail Making Class is the ultimate way to add a dash of glamour and a sprinkle of excitement to your hen's party.


Why Choose a Cocktail Making Class in Canberra for Your Hen's Party?


Canberra, with its vibrant atmosphere and diverse entertainment options, provides an ideal backdrop for a hen's party. Elevate your celebration by opting for a Cocktail Making Class, an activity that combines creativity, laughter, and a touch of mixology magic.


What Sets Our Cocktail Making Class Apart?


Professional Mixologists:

Our experienced and professional mixologists are masters in the art of crafting delicious cocktails. Whether you desire classic concoctions or trendy mixes, our experts are here to make your hen's party a flavor-filled experience.


Tailored to Your Taste:

We understand that every group is unique. That's why our classes are fully customizable. Choose your preferred cocktails or let our mixologists surprise you with their curated menu, ensuring a personalized touch for your celebration.


Hen's Party Games:

It's not just about mixing drinks; it's about creating memories. Our Cocktail Making Class includes hen's party games that break the ice, encourage laughter, and add an extra layer of enjoyment to your celebration.


Venue Flexibility:

Whether you're hosting the party at a private residence, a hotel, or an Airbnb in Canberra, we adapt to your chosen venue. Our mixologists are ready to transform any space into a lively cocktail-making haven.


What to Expect During the Cocktail Making Class in Canberra:


Surprise Entrance and Setup:

Picture this – your mixologist arriving at the scheduled time for a surprise entrance, ready to set up the ultimate cocktail-making station. All you need to provide is a table or bench space (no chairs required) for an efficient and stylish setup.


Mingling Time:

While setup takes place, you and your guests can mingle and soak in the anticipation of the fun-filled evening ahead. The class kicks off when the mixologist signals that everything is ready.


Shaking Experience:

The main event, the shaking experience, lasts approximately 2 hours. However, for larger groups, we ensure ample time for everyone to participate fully. A mid-session break allows for cleanup and setup for the second round of cocktail crafting.


Entertainment Breaks:

We don't just mix drinks; we mix in some entertainment too! Enjoy games and activities during breaks, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your Canberra hen's party.


Music and Dancing:

Ensure you have a speaker ready for a musical backdrop as you shake up your favorite cocktails. Let loose, have a boogie, and create a lively atmosphere for an unforgettable celebration.


Games to Spice Up Your Hen's Party:


Bride Memory Game:

Guests write down their favorite memories, and the bride has to guess who penned them. It's a heartwarming and laughter-inducing activity that adds a personal touch to the celebration.


Play Doh Moulding Competition:

In pairs, guests engage in a friendly competition to mold an object. While a certain shape is common, our mixologists are open to customization. We tailor the party to your preferences!


What Will Our Mixologists Wear?


Rest assured, our mixologists are smartly dressed, embodying professionalism and sophistication. No wild costumes – just a touch of class for your Canberra hen's party.


Elevate your Canberra hen's party with an exclusive Cocktail Making Class that promises laughter, entertainment, and a unique experience for the bride-to-be and her guests. Let the mixing, shaking, and celebration begin!